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Pink 118ml
Alana Millane
So Good!

I've been dying my hair bright colors for years and this was my first time using this dye after reading recommendations online. It is a cream which makes it alot easier to work with, and it doesn't give off any stinky dye smell. It made my hair feel nice and healthy. Although I did have some trouble washing it out because the water would just not run clear haha. As for staying power it's been 2 plus months and it's still pretty vivid (keep in mind i only wash my hair minimally and in cold water). I'm thinking I'm gonna just bleach my roots soon and maybe pop a purple in them but I will def be trying out the other Iroiro colors.
PS- love sinister boutique the service is always so fast and reliable.

Electra Violet
Charde Grant

Came out pretty bright but unfortunately it fades out super quick. Way faster than the others

Dione Davies
Pinkissimo is gorgeous!

I love the bubble gum pink color. I left it in for several hours and couldn't believe it when I rinsed The hair and not a spot of pink came out. None on my towel the next morning either. I have great hope this color is going to last well.

Of course Sinister did a great job and the order arrived very swiftly with no problems.

Lychee Pink 118ml
Hannah Small
Nice colour

Gave a nice vibrant pink to my balayage ends, but it wasn't quite as vibrant or long lasting as the Fushia pink shade.


Fab palette for a flame look, good oranges and reds. Shimmer effective, highly recommended. Great autumnal colours.

Best conditioner

Makes my hair so soft and really keeps the electric lizard alive 🦎

Love Color Green Venus
Mikayla Scarlett-Simpson

So good and conditioning, so good for keeping the colour perfect


Beautiful colour but simply doesn't hold in my hair.
One wash and 90% of the colour was gone.
I won't buy it again

Poseidon 118ml
Plant aficionado

Beautiful. Love it.

Dark Tulip
New Favourite!

This colour is so gorgeous and it dyed over my faded orange hair perfectly! The formula is also amazing, I ended up needing to use far less than I do with other brands.

Deep Purple
Missi Moretz
Best hair dye

Always a radiantly bright color even on dark hair it leaves a subtle sheen.


Can’t go wrong with Arctic fox colours!

Raspberry Twist
Carol Jacques
Raspberry Twist

So very excited to find these fabulous hair colours .... Raspberry Twist is stunning and I'm getting so many comments and compliments on my hair. The product consistency is quite thin so you do need to be mindfull and have an old towel handy. I used my colouring bowl n brush, covered my area in an old towel, when done I wrapped my hair in glad wrap for a bit longer than the stated 15 mins. I am in love with this product and will definitely be purchasing again. The best result for me is on streaked hair giving different color ways and highlights 😎


Colour was so amazing and vibrant, plus it smelt soooo good. The colour has bled a lot so keep that in mind BUT still this is the best dye I’ve ever used so far.

Deep Purple
Chrissy MacAulay-Bury

Absolutely love the colour, had heaps of comments, love sinister Boutique- great service and fast delivery 😀

Purple Rage
Michelle Spittal
Love it

It was so much more color wise than I thought when I purchased it have had so many comments on it. Will be purchasing more for sure. Way to go guys. I wash my hair every day and the colour is just as bright and bold as when I put it in. Love it.

Amplified Violet Night
Sarah Colliar
Amplified Violet Night

Dyes well over natural hair colour,pretty cool tone purple

Pink Is Life

Have been using Directions Flamingo Pink for about 6 years !!! (with the occasional other color for underneath)
It never ever fails me. Super easy to apply, just like a conditioner (other brands are sticky like honey) I do my hair every 2-3 weeks (because I love the bright vibrancy of color) but when I can't be bothered redoing my hair, it fades evenly to a beautiful baby pink over 4-6 weeks
I am naturally blonde but bleach my roots when needed, my hair is healthy and is always smooth and silky after washing color out.
(The picture is approx. 1 week in with 2 shampoos)

Blue Jean Baby 236ml
Joanne Baker

Not a very good colour for grays. Covered my dark hair as I can see the blue tints, but my minimum grays I have are still gray. I think other Artic Fox colours are way more favorable than this colour. The actual shop Sinister boutique is A++++ to deal with😊😊😊😊😊

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Flash Lightning Kit 40 volume
Tuhakaraina Taumoana
100% Reccomend

Bought this product during the COVID-19 Pandemic (boredom at its finest) and made my hair BLONDE blonde. Done amazing as a first time user. Easy to apply x

Would recommend a Coconut Oil Hair mask for a week before application. It kept my hair strong and shiny after the bleaching process.

Ruby Rouge
Melanie Thoms
So happy what a great result!

OMG why did I leave my hair boring for so long?? I had been thinking about a change for a while and came across your website. I bought some bleach and 3 bottles of Ruby Rouge as I wasn't sure how much colour I would need ( hair past shoulder length). I went through 1 & a half bottles so that was a good result. I am thrilled with the results - so bright so vibrant. Looking forward to seeing how it fades over a few washes. I did leave the colour on longer than recommended and had no reaction.

Neon Orange
Shelley Mcmanis
Did not take

Unfortunately this dye did not take to my hair. I used it on bleached hair and it did not deposit any colour which baffled me. Waste of $$. Will keep to vivid orange.

Thelma Turquoise
Maggie McLeod

Was using Herman's Amelia Blue but decided to try one a little lighter. This color is just perfect- a bit softer. Love Herman's hair colour!!

Patsy Purple
Amber Boyd

Awesome colour and stays purple for ages without much fade have been using for months as my base and have had no problems


Awesome makes my hair white in line 15 minutes