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Maree Corder
Vibrant Color to Dye for!!

I had so many comments about the beautiful color this dye gave me on bleached white blonde. But beware….this stuff stains. It stained my bath so badly it took a bit to scrub!!

Juniper Green 118ml
Greer Jacobs
My favourite hair dye!

Colour is vibrant, and doesn't stain the skin. Always get great coverage :)

No Yellow Shampoo 250ml
Hayley Buckfield
It's okay

I like it but the purple catches the ends of my hair a little lol but when i pair it with Veronica white toner it works out beautifully.

Veronica White
Hayley Buckfield

Love love love this best toner I have ever used in my hair to get the actual result i was wanting. Definitely buying again..

Arctic Fox Violet Dream

I love me some arctic fox and these guys are so quick with shipping!

The best purple I've used

I've found in the past that purple fades VERY fast, and it fades to a different colour (blue/grey/green). A month in my hair is still very much purple, somewhat faded yes, but still pretty vibrant. Though weirdly, in some places near the roots the colour has completely come out and the hair is blonde. Overall, I'm satisfied, and this will be my go to purple from now on.

Pink 118ml
Josie Iosefo
Love it 💖

Omg I love the results of the product!!! It's great coverage I still had streaks of orange in my hair and it coloured it beautifully. * my opinion lol* my hair felt it had a treatment too. I soooooooo recommend this product. God bless 😘

Pink Petal
Josie Iosefo

I'm grateful for this pink but realised I needed a darker pink for the look Im going for. It's a pretty colour 😁

Actually really disappointed

After using this product twice on my hair on two separate occasions I can confirm unless your hair is a level 9-10 you won’t accomplish a vibrant even colour. The first time I applied this to almost white hair with patchy results and it washed out way to fast! 1-2 weeks. Second time it has just left the underside of my hair I used it on very patchy and uneven and it appears almost transparent in some areas really thankful I had a back up colour (lunar tides nightshade) to cover the top half of my hair and make it look half decent

Crazy Color Starter Kit
Juanita Poynter

Crazy Color Starter Kit

Genevieve Beavan

Fkn lovely colour holds rlly well

Pink Shampoo 250ml
Kia-Mae Beniston
Love it

The shampoo is wonderful, smells amazing and has helped my hair last longer between my salon appointments 🥰

Poseidon 118ml
lily hayes
Artic fox is amazing

I absolutely love these! The colour is so rich and last really well. Smells amazing too.

Aquamarine 236ml
Emerie Grace
Amazing colour!

This product gives you the best and most vibrant colour. I've tried everything to give me the Teal colour I've wanted. This proved it's worth and the lasting qualities are fantastic.

Colour remover is fantastic

This product is fantastic. It removes stains while being gentle on the skin. I would highly recommend it

Purple AF 236ml
Rochelle Arnesen
So so happy!

This colour is amazing, the delivery was super quick and hassle free!

Poison 118ml
Debbie Gale
You never let me down

As always with Sinister Boutique, my order is packaged wonderfully, any communication needed is prompt and clear. I will continue to purchase as every shopping experience is a breeze

Amplified Cattail
Mereaira Harrison
Pretty good

It was pretty good no negative feedback or results 😊

On point ☝🏽

Colour: on point

Longevity: on point

Easy removal: on point

Ethical formula that beats mainstream, non-vegan formulas: on mf point!!

Like it!

I've brought this a couple times now.
I do prefer manic panic bleach the best though. I am more sensitive to this bleach too and it takes longer to get the blonde I want but it's great value to bulk buy and lasts a long time.

Love it!

My favourite blue dye I've used so far! It lasts a long time. Have just repurchased it this week and I'm dying my hair again today 💙💙💙

Dark star amplified

Awesome product, beautiful colour was just as anticipated, Fantastic fast and friendly service from Sinister boutique, have already put in another order. They have the best Range of manic panic in NZ.

Odette Manhart
Lovely colour

Great colour, ended up needing more than I thought which I think is because its a lighter colour. Made the perfect green I was looking for over top of my blue hair.

Tint Brush Large
Odette Manhart
Great brush

Great value and works well

Amazing colour!

I have medium brown hair, I also put some streaks of blonde in my hair using bleach. I had natural hair with no dye in my hair so the bleach didn’t take long at all. I mixed Fuschia shock with Pink warrior and the colour came out amazing.