About Us

Sinister Boutique has been supplying New Zealanders with their need for bright coloured hair since 2008. We are a family business run by two sisters - Haley (the packing troll, colour tester and fun one) and Rebecca (the spreadsheet loving number cruncher with a coffee habit and sense of humour that’s dry as toast).

This is where we are supposed to list all the things we like to do outside of work, our struggles, our accomplishments, our hopes and dreams ... to make us seem more human, more relatable, so you will buy from our store, but that's not our style, or maybe we're just super boring? You will never know *insert distracting mystic wavy hands here*.

What really matters to us is that we love what we do, we genuinely care about our customers, we ship fast and are always here if you need help. Without customers we would not exist, so thank you to all of those past, present and future customers that keep us here!

Haley & Rebecca 😈