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Werewolf Fangs

Werewolf Fangs


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Scarecrow Werewolf Fangs come with 1 pair of Classic and 1 pair of Subtle Fangs. You can wear them on uppers and lowers, or, both pairs on uppers for Scarecrow's "Slayer" look. They may fit either canines and/or incisors or bottom teeth. Fast, easy, comfortable, and totally realistic. Fully reusable!

Product Contents

  • Two 14mm Fang Cap
  • Two 18mm Fang Caps
  • Original Snap Fit On-The-Spot Customizing Kit
  • Carry Case/Mixing Vessel
  • Stir Stick
  • QR Code to online instructions

On-the-spot customizing is fast, easy, and only needs to be done once. Everything you need is included, no additional utensils and no boiling water necessary. Once customized, fangs fit with a unique mold of your tooth inside that allows you to snap them on or off, quickly and easily.

WARNING! Don't use over braces, wires, plates, crowns, bonding, veneers, dentures or any other dental work. Don't eat or drink with them in. We opt for minimal packaging, so the fangs are packaged differently to the video, instructions can be found via the QR Code on the product or how to fit your Scarecrow Vampire Fangs.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Imojen Hancock

They look great. Top fangs are a little big on me, but I have a small face and teeth. Will probably buy a second smaller pair to make it a bit more subtle - if you're small like me you might want to just get 2 packs of smaller teeth. Pretty straightforward to set up, although it takes a while, and the fit is really good, they look natural and stay on well. Might be worth noting that the molding paste has a pretty strong chemical smell, and if you leave it in your bathroom bin you'll definitely be able to smell it, so throw it out right away if you're sensitive to smells.

Ashleigh Little
Great buy

I’ve had the Subtle fangs in the past but wanted new ones. Being torn between sizes I got the Werewolf pack as it has both sizes. I did have to change the larger fangs slightly to fit my teeth but still really happy

crystal ryder
very fast amasing product

was extremly fast took only about 2 days super great service and the product is amasing and in good condition and packed really well

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