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3n1 Coralustrous

3n1 Coralustrous

Punky Colour

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Brighten your hair in one step! Punky Colour 3-n-1 Depositing Shampoo + Conditioner will instantly intensify your hair colour while cleansing and conditioning with every wash. Add striking colours, maintain vibrancy and improve shine. You can use it every day for full-throttle hair that never loses any juice, or only when you need some colour touch-ups.

Easy and simple to use. In less than 5 minutes your hair is restored and rejuvenated. Want more? Leave in for 10 minutes for added intense colour.

Warning! Punky products may stain the skin and fabric such as clothing, towels and bedding. It will stain anything that is porous. Cover the area where you are applying rinse hair directly under a faucet and away from your face, neck or body. Do not rinse your hair in the shower as the colour is likely to splatter and stain. Wear gloves when applying.


Customer Reviews

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Carmen Lye
I love this product!

So easy to use, the colours are strong and the shampoo and conditioner is great quality, my hair always comes out super soft and the colour is absorbed well, if you only want a light colour, it's best to dilute it with other shampoo rather than leave it on less time because it will grab straight away!


Absolutely love this product - freshened up my colour and left my hair silky. Perfecto!

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