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Colour Remover

Colour Remover


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I safely clean out Permanent Hair Colour from your Hair using my top-secret Bleach Free, Damage Free, Drama Free Colour Remover formula so that Colour washes away like it was all a bad dream. And wait till you feel your Hair after Colour Removing — relieved and refreshed to no longer be weighed down in Colour. And in case you were wondering, YES I clean out Colour Build Up and help budge Colour

How much colour remover will I need? 1 kit for short hair, 2 kits for long / thick hair

What I need to know?
- I contain NO Bleach
- Do not use on hair that has previously been coloured with henna or metallic salts and dyes
- I will not remove Semi Permanent hair colour
- I will not work if you are currently using colour lock products.

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Customer Reviews

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Josephine McKay
Best colour remover for permanent dye

15+ years of super market red box dyes. Please just make sure you follow the directions and rinse for as long as possible. This product opens the hair to allow the water to wash the large permanent colour molecules out. As soon as your hair dries those fibres close locking any colour you missed back in. 2 photos are the same day. After photo is the hair straightened and styled.

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