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Professional Smoke Screen

Professional Smoke Screen

Manic Panic

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Manic Panic Professional hair colour is a semi-permanent direct dye formulated to identify and bond with hair fibres. Once bonded, the molecule mimics the fibre, creating a flawless finish.

Smoke Screen - slate grey. Can be used alone or mixed with other Professional colours to create custom smoky tones. For best results, we recommend lightening your hair to the lightest level 10 with no yellow tones. Any yellow undertones can create an altered result.

  • Contains 90 ml
  • Semi-Permanent hair colour
  • PPD and ammonia free
  • Vegan and cruelty-free

Colours displayed are an indication only, it is important to research colours before selecting. Due to a large number of factors that can affect the final outcome, dye results cannot be guaranteed. Always perform a strand test before proceeding. For more information on how to use this product please click here.


Customer Reviews

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Aquaman reject
I look like an aquaman reject

I don’t know what happened. I had WHITE hair. I started going grey in my early 20’s (natural ginger) so thought I’d colour my hair a nice grey so the regrowth of grey wasn’t so noticeable. I bleached my hair on Dec 22nd (after not touching it since may 2017) so it wasn’t like I coloured it too soon or anything after bleaching and I have alopecia which doesn’t help as my hair grows slowly, so not much regrowth. My hair is PATCHY Bright purple/blue/green/dark like dirty dishwater colour with some parts still completely white. I don’t know if it’s because it’s vegan or what but I’ve never had this issue before with hair colour. I just wanted a nice mid grey like the picture and now I’m a 37yr old aquaman reject.

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