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Amplified Enchanted Forest

Amplified Enchanted Forest

Manic Panic

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Amplified has 30% more pigment than the Classic formula! Enchanted Forest is a deep, teal green dye with blue undertones that gives hair dark, earthy tones. For best results, we recommend lightening hair to a medium level 7 blonde or lighter before use. This colour may give green tones on virgin, unbleached hair.

  • Contains 118 ml
  • Semi-Permanent hair colour
  • PPD and ammonia free
  • Vegan and cruelty-free

Colours displayed are an indication only, it is important to research colours before selecting. Due to a large amount of factors that can affect the final outcome, dye results cannot be guaranteed. Always perform a strand test before proceeding. For more information on how to use this product please click here.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Very vibrant but did stain anything and everything till I had washed it about 5 times. Got about 4 weeks of full colour (washing twice a week in cold water) then started fading very fast. Holding very well in the back still (about 8 weeks later) . Over all deffinetly would suggest. Dyed onto freshly bleached hair at about a level 8-9.

Tracy Kruger
Awesome Product - Brilliant Service

I love Manic Panic as it is vegan and cruelty free and their colours are magnificent. Sinister Boutique delivered really quickly with great communication,I will definitely order again.

Chloe Pope

Brilliant dye. Heavily pigmented - would easily give a nice tint to un-lightened hair, and is incredibly bold and full on lightened hair. A little goes a long way - gave me enough for two dyes of half a head of medium length hair, with some left over. 4/5, only for the fact that the heavy pigment does leave some staining, but this comes off easily with water and is all gone by the next day or two (and IMO isn't an issue - it is Amplified after all, and better to have it heavily pigmented than not pigmented enough!)

Bayley Poole
Good colour

The colour is great but it bled on everything for days after dying.

Jess Drury
Green Goodness

Have been wanting to dye my hair an emerald green colour and bought Enchanted Forest on a whim. OH MY GOODNESS it is PERFECT! Bleached my hair to a level 7 with the amplified bleach kit first (from a very dark brown) then 2 bottles of this and I’m living my emerald city fantasy! Will absolutely be purchasing again.

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