La Riche Directions Dye - Plum

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Directions Plum. La Riche Directions offer a huge range of semi-permanent conditioning hair colours. All shades can be mixed together to create your own unique colour. To achieve the best results hair must be pre-lightened to an optimum level.

  • Contains 88 ml
  • Semi-Permanent hair colour
  • PPD and ammonia free
  • Not tested on animals

Colours displayed are an indication only, it is important to research colours before selecting. Due to a large number of factors that can affect the final outcome, dye results cannot be guaranteed. Always perform a strand test before proceeding. For more information on how to use this product please click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

colour is gorgeous but bleeds so can't ombre with another colour. also fade pretty quickly after 4-5 washes.

Debbie Rogerson

Great all round purchase.

Renee Beck
Great colour, but it stains

It is a wee bit of a risky buy - the color comes out even and beautifully pigmented, but every time I have used this dye it has stained my hair with stubborn green tones that do not fade out. You can dye over them though!

Josephine McKay
Plum perfect

First time using this colour. Have looked at it a few times but got nervous it may look too mahogany. I was wrong! Compared to the violet I have used before this is a much warmer purple. Less blue but still rich.

Good product and a beautiful colour

Hi there, my review refers to the product. Sinister Boutique is always efficient and spectacular to deal with and delivers very fast. They are a great service. 😊 Note: I have grey hair so have to leave coloured hair dyes on my hair longer than average if I want them to fully cover my grey and to provide really saturated colour (regardless of the brand this seems to take about 6 hours for me). This was the first time I have used this brand and I left this dye on my hair for 6 hours. I'm really torn about this product: it's nice to physically put in your hair, it did a great job of covering my grey (better than Adore due to the thicker formulation), it's a really beautiful colour, and it lasts well (fair longer than Manic Panic Amplified). However, there was a lot of transfer with this dye onto sheets and clothes -- so much so that I'm not sure if I will use it again. (I guess if you only wear black or dark clothes this wouldn't be a problem though?)

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