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Crazy Color

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Crazy Color Sapphire is a luxurious royal blue hair dye that is imbued with quartz for a truly metallic finish. This dark blue shade has dazzling mirror shine and will sparkle under the lights. For the best results, apply to hair that has been pre-lightened to level 9 or 10 (blonde) before use. It is also suitable for level 8 (light brown) hair, but results will only be tonal.  

  • Contains 100mls
  • Semi-Permanent hair colour
  • Ammonia and peroxide free
  • Vegan and cruelty-free

Colours displayed are an indication only, it is important to research colours before selecting. Due to a large number of factors that can affect the final outcome, dye results cannot be guaranteed. Always perform a strand test before proceeding. For more information on how to use this product please click here.


Customer Reviews

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Lara Dixon
Great on hair, dye everywhere

Great dye, stays in a lot longer than other temporary dyes. Comes out a nice dark blue on very pale hair, more greeny blue if there’s still a bit of yellow left in it.
The only downside is the dye stains everything it touches, and is a bit harder to get off than other vegan dyes. So be careful and have plenty of dark towels and old clothes for your dyeing experience

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