Crazy Color How To Guide

Crazy Color How to Guide


Before you reach for your bottle of Crazy Color, you should carry out a patch test - this is to test your skin's sensitivity and ensure you will not have any irritation using our products.

A strand test will give you a true indication of how the colour will take to your hair. The condition of your hair and other factors can affect this so you might get different results each time, even if using the same Crazy Color shade. A strand test gives you an idea of the end result before going all in on the colouring process. If you're happy with how your strand test turned out, it's time to start colouring!

If you want to get the most true to bottle shade, read for the bleach. Our Crazy Color shades work best on bleached hair because it makes the hair more porous and absorbs the colour better than hair that hasn't been lightened. It creates a clean, uniform base for your new Crazy Color! TIP: get rid of any yellow undertones after bleaching by shampooing with our Ultraviolet Shampoo! Our purple formula is free of ammonia and sulphates, it'll deposit just enough pigment to refresh and add cool tones to lightened, coloured and grey hair. Wave goodbye to brassy blonde, and say hello to cool beautiful locks!

Whether bleaching to go lighter or not, to get the best results Crazy Color works best on freshly shampooed, towel-dried or dry hair (dry hair will result in a more intense pigment transfer) so wash your hair in preparation.



Step 1
After shampooing and drying your hair, you will need to section your hair with clips to expose more of your hair and allow you to cover each inch of your hair thoroughly with colour, from root to tip!

Step 2
Start at the root of your hair and work in sections, making sure every section has completely covered colour. Saturation is the key: you must completely cover each section in plenty of Crazy Color. This is even more important when you're working with pastel shades as every strand needs to be completely covered.

Step 4
Relax & let your colour develop. Leave it on for around 15-30 minutes after application before rinsing off. If you are after a more intense result, we suggest leaving your colour on for 45-60 minutes.

Step 5
It's time to rinse! Always rinse with cool water - cold if you can bear it! Using cool water shuts down the hair cuticle and prevents your colour from running down the drain. Be sure to use your shower at a high pressure when rinsing your colour. Rinse until the water runs clear.



After rinsing your hair, apply our Anti-Bleed Spray which helps to seal your colour and prevent colour bleed after dyeing - it can extend the life of your colour! The ultra-low PH formula works in just 60 seconds, shutting down the cuticle, retaining the colour and actively extending the life of all coloured hair types. With added soya bean oil to enhance shine, this is your DIY - dyeing secret weapon!



Dry your hair and style it your own way. But remember, the more heat you apply during the styling process, the quicker your colour will fade. Be aware of how hot your tools are each time you style your hair.



Coloured hair needs extra care to help prolong your vivid colour! Taking care of your bleached & coloured hair is so important - keeping your hair in the best condition will help keep your colour vibrant for longer. Check out our Colour Care Guide here for more info.