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Classic Silver Stiletto 118mls

Classic Silver Stiletto 118mls

Manic Panic

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Silver Stiletto is an icy, lavender-tinted silver dye that acts as a toner to help create pale, platinum hair by eliminating yellow hues. When applied to already toned, pre-lightened lightest level 10 hair, Silver Stiletto creates stunning light grey locks. Silver Stiletto can also be mixed with your favourite Manic Panic hair colour to create frosty pastels.

Needing a larger size? Check out Manic Panic Classic Silver Stiletto 236ml

  • Contains 118 ml
  • Semi-Permanent hair colour
  • PPD and ammonia free
  • Vegan and cruelty-free

Pastels, greys and toners contain less pigment than vivid shades and will fade from your hair faster.

Colours displayed are an indication only, it is important to research colours before selecting. Due to a large number of factors that can affect the final outcome, dye results cannot be guaranteed. Always perform a strand test before proceeding. For more information on how to use this product please click here.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
rebecca Humby

didn't really work on pre lighten hair sorta disappointed but I'm going to dye it green in a few weeks

Maree Gunter
Silver stiletto

Used this to lighten the blue steel a wee bit..worked great! Thanks again Sinister.

Not that good

my hair is white already it should've worked well and there was no change.

Victoria Liddicoat
Didn’t get results I wanted

Didn’t leave my hair the right colour...didn’t really colour it at all. I have bleached foils and even they weren’t dyed

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