Crazy Color Strand Test

Crazy Color how to strand test


Yes! You’ve decided to explore your creativity and choose Crazy Color!

So, first things first: we always recommend doing a strand test as this will give you a true indication of how the colour will take to your hair.


The condition of your hair and other factors can affect this so you might get different results each time, even if using the same Crazy Color Shade.

1. Crazy Color works best on freshly shampooed, towel-dried hair or dry hair (dry hair will result in a more intense pigment transfer) so wash your hair in preparation.

2. Pick a piece of hair from the back of your head, within the midsection of your hair where the hair won't be missed. You can cut a piece or if you are happy to strand test without cutting, go for it. A 1cm width section of hair would be ideal.

3. Bleaching and colouring can be messy so make sure you get your protective gloves on!

4. Apply plenty of colour to the strand and rub between your hands until you are happy the hair is fully saturated in colour.

5. Leave it on for around 15-30 minutes after application before rinsing off. If you are after a more intense result, we suggest leaving your colour on for 45-60 minutes.

6. Rinse with cold or cool water, without shampooing, to avoid stripping fresh colour out straight away.

7. If you’re happy with how your strand test turned out, it’s time to start colouring!

Tip: Use your DIY-dyeing secret weapon: Crazy Color Anti Bleed spray, to avoid your colour going down the drain & retain as much colour in your hair as possible.