Covid-19 Shipping Info

Sinister Boutique is an online only store based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Rest assured that the utmost care is taken when handling your goodies. One person is involved in picking, packing and dispatching your items. Stock is stored in a clean environment and a strict hand washing policy is in place.  

Please be kind. The couriers are doing their best, so please have a little patience with delivery times and ensure you practice social distancing should you see the courier. 

Shipping and Delivery Tips

  1. Choose non-signature options. Provided there’s a safe place to leave it, this will help deliver parcels first time. The courier will scan the parcel so there’s still an accurate proof of delivery. 
  2. Set up Parcel Leave (Authority to Leave). Now is a good time to set up a Parcel Leave (ATL) instruction for your delivery location. Parcel Leave gives permission to leave parcels in a safe and secure place of your choice if no one is there to receive the delivery. Parcel leave also limits close physical contact. Click here to set up Parcel Leave.
  3. Turn on delivery updates. When you have a parcel on the way, and a tracking number, turn on delivery updates. Delivery updates are FREE and keep you up to date with your delivery, so you can plan ahead. If things have changed, the online tracking tool will help you let them know by adding delivery instructions, requesting for your parcel to be left, or in some cases redirected to another address. Click here to track your parcel and turn on updates for your tracking number.
  4. Make sure your parcels are addressed clearly and accurately. Now more than ever, it's important to make sure your parcels are sent with valid, easy to read address and contact details. This means teams can send your parcel to where it needs to be - faster!